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How Fake Social Media Followers Can Hurt Your Practice

We live in a time when social media is king. Virtually every business is present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn,…

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How to Achieve Same-Day Orthodontic Starts

Most patients believe that the process of getting braces on is a long one; however, there are ways for patients to get braces the same…

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Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice to Millennials

When promoting your orthodontic practice, the most fundamental factor to keep in mind is your audience. And while you likely get much of your business…

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Continue to Delight Your Patients After Treatment

Even though a patient may be done with braces, you can still stay relevant to them after their treatment. Your patients are one of the…

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What Is Google My Business?

When you run a small business, free opportunities for marketing are incredibly valuable. One of the most essential free tools you should be using to…

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Reach Potential Orthodontic Patients With GMB Heatmapping

Your potential patients are out there, somewhere. Now you can get the inside scoop into just where they are. Google My Business (GMB) is an…

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How to Generate More Patient Reviews

These days, reviews can be found with the click of your mouse or a tap of your screen, and any successful practice will agree that…

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Using holiday hashtags in social media can connect your orthodontic practice to new prospects

Promote Your Orthodontic Practice with Holiday Hashtags

Social media is a powerful driver of business in the modern world of marketing. It presents a unique opportunity to add a personal and approachable…

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OrthoChats is an online chat service for orthodontists

OrthoChats: Connecting Orthodontists to Patients

OrthoChats is an online chat designed specifically for orthodontic practices. We talked to Scott Hansen, CEO and founder of OrthoChats, to learn more about their…

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