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Using holiday hashtags in social media can connect your orthodontic practice to new prospects

Promote Your Orthodontic Practice with Holiday Hashtags

Social media is a powerful driver of business in the modern world of marketing. It presents a unique opportunity to add a personal and approachable…

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go italianissimo

Continue Your Orthodontic Education – in Italy!

Continuing education is an important part of your orthodontic practice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If increasing your knowledge while enjoying…

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WildSmiles: Where the Stars Align

What child or teen wouldn’t want to personalize their braces? Offering ligatures in different colors is one way to allow them to express themselves, but…

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converting leads to sales

Converting Orthodontic Leads into Sales

It’s great to have people engaging with your social media, reading your monthly newsletters, and picking up your branded pens at expos, but these actions…

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orthodontic holiday promotions

How to Make the Most of Holiday Promotions

Like it or not, another holiday season is upon us. In the next few months we can all look forward to spending time with loved…

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mail-order orthodontic treatment

Are You Worried About Mail-Order Braces? You Should Be.

As if you don’t have enough competition from other orthodontists in your area, now companies are offering orthodontic treatment through the mail. You know this…

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national orthodontic health month

Celebrating National Orthodontic Health Month

If there ever was a perfect opportunity to promote your orthodontic practice and draw in more business, it’s National Orthodontic Health Month. The American Association…

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orthodontic team

Why Every Member of Your Team is a Salesperson

Orthodontic offices run successfully when there is with a team of skilled individuals who dedicate themselves to excellence in their field. An essential aspect of…

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referral program

Increasing Referrals With Programs and Gifts

When running an orthodontic practice, building long-term relationships with your clients is an integral part of creating a sustainable brand. Word of mouth is an…

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effective calls to action

The Importance of Effective Calls to Action

Growing your business practice effectively requires a dedicated approach to lead acquisition and sales conversions. One way companies can be successful in this venture is…

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social media interaction

Creating a Conversation With Prospects and Patients on Social Media

When creating a successful business practice, being able to prospect for new sales leads effectively is an invaluable skill set that makes acquiring new business…

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negative feedback

The Importance of Responding to Negative Reviews

Most orthodontic practices would agree there are very few things as rewarding as a great online reputation. Word of mouth plays a significant role in…

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ad impressions and frequency

The Relationship Between Impressions and Frequency

To grow a successful business practice in today’s digital landscape, being able to manage an effective online advertising strategy is critical. However, to ensure your…

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artificial intelligence

Using AI to Find Contact Information for Prospects and Dentists

When you own a business practice, managing an effective lead generation strategy can sometimes be a challenge. Customer prospecting is a necessary but time-consuming process…

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the 3 B's of selling

The 3 B’s of Effective Selling

Regardless of what industry your business is in, effective selling techniques take time to master. This can especially be the case for orthodontic practices, which…

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best times to post on social media

The Best Times for Orthodontists to Post on Social Media

For orthodontists and other healthcare professionals, knowing how and when to reach your audience is an important way to attract new patients. This is especially…

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phone sales training

Why Phone Sales Training is Essential for Orthodontic Practices

Being able to communicate over the phone effectively is an essential part of developing a successful orthodontic practice. This is especially the case when it…

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customer relationship management

Why Your Orthodontic Practice Needs a Reliable CRM

At the center of any successful practice are well-established customer relationships that typically take years to nurture. Patients and their families serve as ambassadors for…

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email opening lines

Writing Emails Potential Patients Will Open

You’re about to sit down and craft an email to your prospective patient list, letting them know why you’re the right choice for orthodontic treatment.…

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being personal with patients

Keeping it Personal at Your Orthodontic Practice

Think back to the last time you received a handwritten note from someone. You may have to delve deep into your memory bank to remember…

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increasing patient leads

Using Promotions to Increase Orthodontic Patient Leads

For orthodontist practices looking to grow their current client base, not many other marketing efforts are as effective as an active promotional strategy. Promotions are…

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starting an orthodontic practice

The Basics Needed to Start an Orthodontic Practice

If you’ve been looking to establish a new orthodontic practice, taking the first initial steps when creating your business can be intimidating. However, by narrowing…

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pay-per-click campaign

How to Create a Successful Orthodontic Pay-Per-Click Campaign

There once was a time when newspaper was one of the only means to advertise your business. Although this was a way to get your…

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Lead Magnets and How They Help Your Orthodontic Practice

In today’s competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd can sometimes be a difficult task. For orthodontic practices, having local competition that uses effective…

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local SEO

Why Orthodontists Should Invest in Local SEO

As an orthodontist, you’re proud of your practice and all of the beautiful smiles that have walked out of your doors throughout the years. However,…

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search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization for Your Orthodontic Practice

Setting yourself apart from the competition can be difficult. With many other orthodontic practices in the area, you may not know where to start to…

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How SEO Affects the Online Ranking of Your Orthodontic Practice

Knowledge is power these days, and there’s no greater provider of information than the internet. We turn to the internet to get answers, find ideas,…

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signs of a good orthodontist

5 Signs of a Good Orthodontist

Aside from credentials, there are numerous ways to promote yourself as a strong practice. Here are some tips on how to incorporate signs of being…

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patient referrals

4 Easy Ways to Boost Patient Referrals

The days of gaining patients from simply being the only friendly neighborhood orthodontist in town are over. However, according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers still…

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Snapchat: Open for Business

Before jumping into Snapchat for your business, you may need a better understanding of what Snapchat is. What Is Snapchat? Snapchat is a social media…

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The Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing for Orthodontists

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing is extremely effective in terms of spreading awareness of your business and attracting new clients. It creates a buzz around…

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How Dentists and Orthodontists Can Create Powerful Business Partnerships

Strong relationships between dentists and orthodontists are not only beneficial to their practices; when the two work well together they serve the patients’ best interest…

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The Importance of Community Events for Orthodontists

Being an active participant in your community increases your brand awareness as a business, while also showing local support. Orthodontists should utilize the advantages of…

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Orthodontic marketing solutions

Another 5 Must-Haves for an Orthodontic Website

In the last post, you learned the first five must-haves for an orthodontic website in order to build a site with impressive design and navigation.…

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5 Must-Haves for an Orthodontic Website

As an orthodontist, your website serves as an online portrayal of your practice. These five must-haves will ensure users can easily discover your site, and…

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Use the power of social media to spread the word about your orthodontic practice.

The Top 4 Social Media Platforms for Orthodontists

When it comes to choosing an orthodontist, people don’t necessarily rely on credentials alone – they look to referrals from trusted sources. However, the majority…

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6 Reasons Why Phone Sales Training is Essential for Orthodontic Practices

While marketing brings in leads and potential clients, sales is what usually converts them into actual patients for your orthodontic practice. If you don’t have…

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What is a Sales Funnel?

There’s a lot of sales-y language in the marketing world you might not be very familiar or comfortable with. Sales funnels are a huge component…

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The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Website

Live chat is a type of online customer service software that allows customers to instantly message and communicate with a company’s representative. This has been…

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What Is SEO and Why Is It Important to Your Orthodontic Practice?

When learning more about marketing, you’ll hear a lot of new terms that might not make sense at first, but they’re necessary for the success…

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Why Is Social Media Important for Orthodontists?

If you want to effectively market a business in the 21st century, you have to pay attention to social media. According to HubSpot, 72% of…

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mobile website

Checklist for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Today, the majority of people use their mobile devices more than their laptops or desktop computers. Because of that, mobile users want easy and effortless…

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8 Things Orthodontists Should Blog About

You know blogging is an integral part of marketing your orthodontic practice, which is why you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen…

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Is In-House or Outsourced Marketing Better for Your Orthodontic Practice?

Do you need someone to help with your company’s marketing to improve your advertisements, online presence, or redo your website? One option is hiring employees…

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Our Orthodontic marketing team is top notch!

How to Get the Most out of Your Marketing Company

You have taken the plunge and hired a marketing company to help spread the word about your orthodontic practice. Now it’s time to do your…

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8 Ways to Improve Your Orthodontic Marketing

Marketing for your practice is essential to the growth and development of your business. But there are so many different aspects and facets of marketing…

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Are blogs really that important for your practice?

Blogging is a huge part of inbound marketing that utilizes strategies to bring patients to your practice instead of you going after them blindly. These…

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What do Patient Personas do for Orthodontists?

As an orthodontist, you might rely on most of your patients to come from dentist referrals. While your relationships with dentists are essential to your…

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