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Crafting and Distributing a Press Release

One essential form of marketing to always have in your marketing toolkit is knowing how to create a good press release. When done right, press releases result in better awareness of your orthodontic practice while keeping your customer base informed. Writing an effective press release requires combining the right elements together.  What Is a Press…

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Tips for Starting Your New Practice Marketing on the Right Foot

Congratulations on starting your new orthodontic practice! We know you’ve put in a lot of work to get to this point, but now the work of growing a successful orthodontic office begins. One of the many pitfalls new practices can succumb to is neglecting their marketing strategy. By focusing on the following steps, you can…

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What Is a Boilerplate and Why Do I Need One?

As a business, one of the essential marketing tools to have is a good boilerplate. Taking the time and effort to make it refined and ready for standardized use will save you lots of time in the future while doing wonders for your PR. So, what exactly is a boilerplate and why is it so…

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