Boastful Marketing company

In any industry, there can be a lot of competition, and if you’re not familiar with what to look for in that particular industry, you may end up disappointed and discouraged. When you’re looking to market your orthodontic office, you want a marketing firm that is going to create top-notch content that brings patients into your practice. But how do you find the right marketing company? With so many choices, it can be overwhelming, but there are telltale signs of the types of firms that may not have your best interests in mind. Here are some ways to tell if a company is not right for your practice.

Red Flags on Social Media

You can find out a lot about a company without even picking up the phone and talking with them. Instead, visit their social media platforms and see what is going on in cyberspace. If you see that a marketing company has thousands of followers, but little to no content, it could mean that many (if not all) of these followers are fake, meaning they were not obtained organically. These followers could be relatives of the firm or even complete strangers who were purchased for the sole reason of enhancing the appeal of the firm on social media. Followers who weren’t organically obtained tend not to like, comment or share any of the content that is posted and it can be pretty obvious after just a few minutes perusing the firm’s page.

Ask yourself the following if you’re unsure if a firm’s social presence is legitimate:
  • Is there regular content or is it sporadic?
  • Is this content relevant?
  • Is it written by a person or does it appear to be from a bot?
  • Are followers engaging with this content?

If the answer isn’t clear, you may want to reconsider the particular firm in question. All too often, companies choose to take the easy way out by hiring computer bots to post content or purchasing followers to appear bigger than they are, but unfortunately, more often than not, it ends in disappointment.

Awards and Accolades

Unfortunately, we live in a time where many awards can be bought instead of earned, making finding a reputable company more challenging. You may want to do a little research into the awards a marketing company has won and learn a bit more about them before deciding to employ them. Ask yourself the following about the awards and accolades of a particular marketing firm:

  • Is there a large entry fee to be considered for this award?
  • Are there trophies and logos that require purchase if the award is won?

Chances are, if there are large entry fees, required fees for trophies, etc., the awards were bought, not won.

Website Content

Another way to learn more about a particular firm is by paying their website a visit. Just a few minutes on a website can tell a lot about a company. For instance, is it easy to navigate? Does it tell you exactly what the company does in a clear and concise manner? If you’re having trouble getting around the site and getting to the point of what services the company is claiming to provide, you may have stumbled onto a less credible company.

Other red flags to be aware of include fake profiles highlighting their “executives” and fake testimonials sprinkled throughout the site. You’re best to find a company who has legitimate content with true testimonials and team members with actual experience.

The Right Firm for Your Practice

Although each orthodontic practice is unique, there’s a common goal among each one…to grow the practice and get new patients in the door. Marketing can do wonders for your patient base and your overall presence in the community, but it has to be done right by a credible company. Don’t cut corners when it comes to hiring your marketing firm. Your practice deserves to be marketed by a reputable company.

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