Youtube, it's important for orthodontists

Starting a Youtube channel may not be your first instinct when it comes to using the internet to market your orthodontic practice, but there are plenty of advantages to using this platform. Keep in mind that Youtube has over 1 billion users; that’s a massive audience you can tap into by creating and posting great content. In addition, well over half of people who research healthcare professionals use videos as a major part of their search.

Advantages of Using Youtube to Market Your Orthodontic Business

Beyond just the potential for exposure that exists within Youtube’s impressive audience, creating videos is just a great way to showcase many elements of your practice. Simply put, well-made videos have the ability to engage audiences like no other type of medium. There are also so many creative possibilities that you open up by creating a Youtube channel, from informative vlogs to comprehensive visual narratives.

Orthodontic Vlogs

In the same way you post written blogs about various topics to convey value to your audience and to build trust for potential new patients, video blogs, or “vlogs,” are a fantastic way to give your audience information they can use while gaining credibility as an orthodontic practice. Your viewers also get the benefit of getting “introduced” to their potential orthodontist through your videos. Thanks to updated technology in phones and other accessible devices, you likely won’t even need to make much of an investment to create videos with high-quality images and sound. You also won’t need to invest much time into your vlogs since shorter videos, typically within the one to three-minute range, yield the best results on Youtube.

As far as your topics go, vlogs present a good opportunity to go more in-depth about things you cover in your blog posts. While it may be a bit more of a chore for someone to read through a long, detailed blog about how to clean your braces, watching a video of an expert explaining it to them with visual aids included is far more engaging and takes little effort. You also get to cover more ground with vlogs, since speaking to your audience is faster than them reading a blog post that may cover the same amount of information.

During your vlogs, don’t waste the opportunity to get some valuable feedback. Encourage your viewers to ask their own questions about orthodontics in the comments section as you wrap up your videos. Not only does this help to make your videos interactive, but it also allows you to get tons of new topic ideas. You can use these ideas and cover them in future blog posts and vlogs, or perhaps make some of your vlogs solely dedicated to answering viewer questions.

Patient Testimonials

You can also even let your patients do some of the work for you. Part of your Youtube channel can include videos of your patients raving about the orthodontic treatment they received at your practice. You can have patients send you their own videos or perhaps shoot the videos yourself at your office. Patient testimonials are one of the best ways to get rid of people’s nerves about getting an orthodontic treatment while also building up your credibility.

Educational Videos

Creating comprehensive educational videos videos will likely take more time and effort than simply talking on camera for your vlogs, but it can be well worth it. These videos can include shots of different orthodontic procedures, from getting braces installed to visits for adjustments. You can either have whoever is doing the procedure explain each step as they go, or simply narrate over the video when you edit it.

By giving the viewer a glimpse of the actual process, you can further build trust with your potential patients and give them more reasons to feel comfortable coming in. You can create themes for each educational video based on the message you want to communicate to your viewers as well. For instance, if you want to make people feel less apprehensive about getting braces, you can emphasize how calm the patient was during the procedure and perhaps even ask them to talk to the camera afterward about their experience. Since you will need to involve patients for this type of video, be sure to gather the necessary consent forms to comply with HIPAA laws.

Setting up a Youtube channel is relatively quick and easy, and well worth your time. Once you are all set up, you can start uploading content to your channel and enjoy bringing in more patients.