It seems wild to say that a new decade is about to begin, but here we are with 2019 quickly on the way out and 2020 about to start. That being said, marketers are looking for new ways to reach audiences as the demands of consumers continue to shift. Here are orthodontic marketing trends to look out for in the new decade.

Interactive Content

When consumers can do more than just read or look at content, it creates a powerful vessel for engagement, retention, and type of material that people want to share. Additionally, interactive content keeps people on webpages longer, making for a more memorable experience that provides greater value. Plus, research shows 91% of internet users desire more interactive content. By reaching this increasing demand in creative ways on your orthodontic website, such as offering an interactive infographic of different teeth issues and corresponding treatments, you can better engage with users.

Personalized Content

While this trend has been brewing for some time now, personalized content will be vital to your orthodontic marketing strategy in 2020. Research shows 80% of internet users would be more likely to give a company their business if they received a personalized experience, which shows there is plenty of new profit to be found by making your marketing more personal.

One simple way to do this is by keeping your email list segmented according to how the lead was generated. Make sure email recipients get future messages that matter to them rather than getting something generic, or worse, doesn’t apply to them at all.

SERP Position Zero

The traditional understanding of SEO would have you think that ranking number one on the search engine results page (SERP) is the ultimate goal. However, many search engines, most notably Google, offer a featured snippet at the very top of the SERP before all the other relevant results are listed below. This block of text shows a preview of the full content when a short paragraph sufficiently answers a query typed into the search bar. This “position zero” is highly coveted since most users are likely to visit that website and forego the other results. You can achieve this position by creating website content and blogs that clearly and concisely answer questions people are asking about orthodontics.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

While Google Ads has long been an effective way to run pay-per-click (PPC) ads that lead to conversions, the future of Google Ads promises a user experience bolstered by automation. Upcoming changes to Google Ads will allow you to alter your bids automatically when sales start or stop and optimize your bids for desired conversion actions. PPC ads via Google Ads will continue to be relevant for 2020 and new modes of automation will refine the experience for maximum ROI.

Even if your current marketing strategies are working well for your orthodontic practice, continue looking for ways to modernize your marketing practices so you stay up speed and ahead of your competition.