Blogging for Orthodontists

The Benefits of Blogging

Having a blog on your orthodontic website serves several purposes that ultimately lead to new starts and a larger patient base.

Improves SEO: Search engines love new, quality content. And while you should always keep your website updated, you most likely won’t be rewriting the main pages of your site on a regular basis. Blogging adds fresh content to your website every time you write a new post. Having a blog also allows you to include more keywords and phrases on your site without having them sound forced on your other pages.

Provides more information to your visitors: A well-designed website has main pages of content, called pillar pages, that talk about the company’s main services or products. For orthodontists, they should include treatment and financing options, among others. While these pages contain good information, they can’t answer every question a potential or current patient might have. A blog can be used to cover additional information about your practice and answer commonly asked questions.

Increases your ranking on search results pages: While part of your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) depends on the quality of your content and the keywords being used, the sheer volume of your content also plays a role. For example, if you have 25 blogs written about Invisalign and your competitor only has one service page on the topic, chances are you will show up much more frequently in people’s search results.

How often should you blog?

The key to blogging is consistency. Blogging twice a month for an extended period of time is more effective than blogging twice a week for a month and quitting. When you first start blogging, aim for two blogs a month. If it’s relatively easy for you to keep this schedule, try increasing to once a week. Again, the more quality content you consistently add to your website, the better.

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Don't have the time or inclination to blog? We'll do it for you.

Once considered a creative outlet for moms and unemployed writers, blogs are now an important part of any inbound marketing strategy. Having us consistently write and publish quality blogs on your website is the easiest way to maintain a higher ranking on Google and provide your patients and prospects something valuable to read.

Dedicated Writers

Rather than asking someone on your staff to fill your blog when they have time, we have a team of writers whose only job is to produce quality content.

Original, Useful Content

Our team never uses the same post twice. Each one is written based on your practice goals and patient personas to ensure it is useful to your readers.

Guaranteed Quality

Not only do we use professional writers, we also have editors review every post before it’s published, guaranteeing a product you can be proud of.

Increased Traffic

Our well-written blog posts will generate traffic to your website and give you (or us) quality content to share regularly on social media. Relevant links within each post will help them find even more great information.


Everyone has good intentions when it comes to blogging regularly, but when you're running a practice, it doesn't always happen. Our reliable content experts stick to the schedule to keep your blog up-to-date.


Pretty much every orthodontist has a website that talks about the services they provide, but we will make you stand out from your competition with blog posts that appeal to your readers on a more personal level.