starting an orthodontic practice

If you’ve been looking to establish a new orthodontic practice, taking the first initial steps when creating your business can be intimidating. However, by narrowing down your business checklist and concentrating on the core aspects of your practice, you can be on your way to establishing new clients and growing your sales in no time.

Here are nine essentials every orthodontic practice needs to be successful.

Good Location

Location is an essential factor when deciding when and where to establish your practice. When searching for an ideal office location, there should be balanced consideration into the cost per square foot, proximity to public transit and other desirable businesses, parking restrictions, and the overall accessibility of the area.

Qualified Staff

Having an experienced team of health professionals and administrative staff is vital to a successful orthodontic practice. Business owners should take the time necessary to vet and interview all candidates thoroughly. For smaller practices, it’s critical to recruit staff members who are looking for longer-term employment, giving the business the resources it needs to build momentum.

Regular Patients

It may sound like a no-brainer, but every successful practice needs patients to serve. When new businesses look for the best ways to source new clients, family referrals, local advertising and digital marketing efforts can be a great way to build awareness of their services.

Specialized Equipment

Every healthcare practice has the need for specialized equipment to run efficiently, and this is especially the case for orthodontics. Tradeshows and commercial medical supply companies are a great way to test equipment and source the needs of your business. You should also ensure the equipment you source will be suitable for the size of your office and workspaces.

The Right Business Software

It’s essential that your business has the right tools and software to run efficiently. CRM (customer relationship management) tools and advanced calendar scheduling software will help business professionals stay on task and keep a steady stream of patients in the office.

Healthcare Products

There will be a need for a variety of healthcare products to support the needs of your patients. Dental cleaning supplies, sterilization products, and other medical essentials should be adequately sourced and kept on hand at all times.

Office Furniture

Other than specialized medical chairs and benches, a busy practice will also need regular office furniture for reception and waiting areas. Investing in quality office chairs will ensure staff members and patients remain comfortable while keeping areas clear from unnecessary walking traffic.

Business Supplies

All offices should be stocked with more than enough supplies to manage the business properly. For many companies, it can be extremely beneficial to hire commercial supply companies to schedule regular visits and restock deliveries to ensure all staff members have what they need to do their jobs successfully.

Sufficient Utilities

For business owners, especially in the healthcare industry, managing utilities in a new office space can be a challenge. It’s essential therefore to have a list of all the equipment needs in your building to ensure you have proper water and electrical sources for them to function correctly. Building contractors and commercial landlords will be able to assist in this effort.

Starting an orthodontic practice can be an exciting and rewarding new business venture. By following this checklist and ensuring you have the tools and equipment to operate, you’ll better position your company for success and have a thriving future.