Effective Social Media Campaigns for Orthodontists

By now, you likely know how important it is to market your orthodontic practice through social media. However, you’ll need to get creative with your…

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Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Likes and Shares on Facebook

Many business owners see increased engagement and followers on social media as a sign that their marketing strategies are working. And while this is a…

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Instagram Ads: Everything You Need to Know

By now, you know very well just how important social media is to your marketing strategy as an orthodontist. While the point of having a…

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Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice with Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that many people see as just a way to post photos to a timeline, but Instagram offers so…

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Show Patients Their Potential with SmileView from Invisalign

A lot of people are unhappy with their smile, but they aren’t sure if the hassle of going through orthodontic treatment will be worth the…

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The Difference Between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads

The power of social media continues to be an important route of exposure for small businesses, including orthodontic practices. And the social media giant Facebook…

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Creating a Reasonable Social Media Policy for Your Practice

As digital marketing strategies continue to grow in importance for small businesses, so does the importance of using social media. Orthodontic practices are no exception…

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The actions of social media.

4 Social Media Must-Haves for Your Orthodontic Practice

When it comes to choosing an orthodontist, people don’t necessarily rely on credentials alone – they look to referrals from trusted sources. However, the majority…

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Facebook thumbs up

How to Make the Most of Your Orthodontic Facebook Posts

If you have been in business for even a short period of time, you should know the importance of using social media to promote your…

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Youtube, it's important for orthodontists

Incorporating YouTube Into Your Orthodontic Marketing Strategy

Starting a Youtube channel may not be your first instinct when it comes to using the internet to market your orthodontic practice, but there are…

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Social media followers

How Fake Social Media Followers Can Hurt Your Practice

We live in a time when social media is king. Virtually every business is present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn,…

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