Warren Orthodontics

Springville, Utah


Dr. Casey Warren is a high energy doctor with a great staff and location who was looking to recover from a slow year and start aggressively growing his business. He needed a full-service agency to do as much marketing as possible so he could focus on running the business and taking care of his patients.

“Ortho Sales Engine significantly helped me increase my new consults. The team at OSE has a unique approach to finding new business. If you are having trouble attracting new patients, I would highly recommend them.”

Dr. Casey Warren, DDS

Increase in Lead to Patient Conversion


Increased Organic Site Traffic


Increase Google Ads Traffic


Email Engagement Increase


The Challenge

Warren Orthodontics in Springville, UT, experienced a slow year and was looking for a solution that would help them not only bring new starts to previous year levels, but grow the business even further.

They were working with an agency who managed their website and Google Adwords, but were not seeing a return on investment. Ortho Sales Engine was tasked with taking over these activities and developing a strategy that would rapidly increase starts for the practices.

An analysis of website metrics revealed the majority of traffic was coming from organic search, but was not high enough based on the local population. Conversion was not being measured properly, and no traffic came from email marketing.

The Approach

Increase organic traffic to website, get cost for conversion and Google ads under control, and dramatically increase awareness of the practice and its culture.

"Dr. Warren values his personal time as much as he enjoys creating new smiles for his patients. We were happy to give him more time to enjoy life by taking practice marketing off of his very full plate."

Richie Guerzon | Co-founder and Dir. of Marketing Technology, OSE

The Solution

A buyer persona exercise was conducted, starting with a survey to existing patients to determine behavioral trends and needs. This data was used to create new blogs topics throughout the year, help focus online advertising efforts, and determine effective email marketing content.

The exercise also showed Pinterest was widely used by Dr. Warren’s audience, so Pinterest ads were added to his online advertising strategy, bringing in a new audience for a much lower cost per click than Google Ads.

Website visitor tracking data revealed several opportunities to improve the layout of the website to increase conversion.

Highly competitive contests were used to generate leads quickly and the staff was trained on how to effectively follow up with them.

Leads were fed into Hubspot Professional and nurtured with automatic communication and monthly emails.

The Results

The result was more communication to potential patients and an increase in conversion from lead to patient of over 200%. After 12 months, organic traffic increased by over 1200%, paid traffic from Google Ads doubled with no increase in budget, and traffic from email activity increased 60-fold.

On average, over 25% of all leads became starts over a 12-month period, causing Dr. Warren to state, “Last year was our best year ever!”