Charleston Orthodontic Specialists

Charleston, South Carolina


When Dr. Nick Savastano sold a successful practice in Orlando, FL, and moved his family to Charleston, SC, his goal was to become the top orthodontist in the Lowcountry. A website, logo and identity had been created, but his new brand needed to be quickly introduced to the community to generate immediate sales and strengthened organically over time to grow the business. He engaged Ortho Sales Engine to handle all remaining marketing tasks as turnkey as possible.

“I’ve worked with [OSE] for years, and they are a big part of our success. They are a valued partner in our business, and I would highly recommend making them part of your team.”

Dr. Nick Savastano, DDS MS

New Patients in 3 Years


Engaged Leads in CRM


Fans on Social Media


MQ Leads in One Month


The Challenge

Take the practice from zero patients to one of the largest orthodontic practices in Charleston in three years. Handle all aspects of marketing with limited direction so the doctor can focus on growing the business.

The Approach

An aggressive outbound and inbound marketing strategy showcasing the practice's commitment to providing high-quality treatment at an affordable cost was used to increase leads, engagement and conversions.

"Being part of Charleston Orthodontic Specialists' incredible growth over the last three years has been exhilarating, to say the least. Seeing a practice go from 0 to 7000 patients in such a short period of time is something every orthodontic marketer wants to experience!"

Rich Carnahan | Co-founder and Creative Director, OSE

The Solution

A monthly contest with a high-value prize was promoted on Facebook. An aggressive advertising budget for both digital and traditional channels was put in place. Quality content, including eight original blogs per month, was used to increase SEO and increase organic traffic to the site.

A booth with an enticing prize wheel and mascot and branded giveaways was utilized at family-friendly festivals and events.

The warm leads generated from the above efforts were input into Hubspot Professional and nurtured through automated workflows, emails, and calls.

Outbound marketing using Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, coupled with a healthy ad spend, allowed us to reach over 100,000 people per month.

The website is constantly being monitored and improved upon to ensure it gives the audience what they need and converts traffic.  All design is run through our graphic design department to ensure it is highly professional and attractive to the audience.

All major social media channels are used to share news and orthodontic-related content. The extensive blog program has been a major contributor to a rise in organic traffic to the website as well.

Hubspot Professional enabled us to use sophisticated marketing automation, create very trackable email marketing campaigns, measure the success of each campaign, and tie sales results with marketing efforts.

The Results

The results are quite dramatic. With over 7,000 new patients in 3 years, over 26,000 leads in Hubspot, and multiple months with over 1,000 new leads being generated, the practice has been able to grow to 9 offices with 10 doctors.