The OSE Methodology

Our Orthodontic Marketing Process

We add reviewing your brand to the traditional inbound marketing strategy to ensure it accurately represents you and your orthodontic practice before attracting, engaging, converting and delighting new patients.

The right look and voice increases prospects, patients and profits.

Discover who your ideal patients are and make a meaningful connection.

Provide useful content as a reward for those who connect back.

Turn prospects into patients with persuasive follow-up.

Don't underestimate the power of opinions or the value of referrals.


You're in the business of helping people look their best. So are we.

You know you have an amazing practice built on solid values to help others achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Don't let your logo, website, digital presence or marketing materials say otherwise.

Whether it’s a whole new you, a few tweaks here and there, or no changes at all, we’ll review your branding and determine what’s necessary to increase your prospects, patients and profits.


Finding your ideal patient doesn't just happen.

You need to determine who your ideal patients are and where you can find them. Then you need to own that space by providing them the information they want in a format that is entertaining and relevant. Prospects who enjoy reading your social media posts and find your content useful are more likely turn to you—instead of your competitors—when they decide they need orthodontic treatment.


People are noticing your practice. Now what?

The only way to successfully convert leads into prospects is to gather their contact information and convince them they need your services. Let Ortho Sales Engine use our lead nurturing expertise to increase your prospect list.


Let's turn those prospects into patients.

You have made people aware of your brand and set yourself apart from your competitors with engaging content that is useful and establishes you as an expert. If your audience ever decides they need orthodontic treatment, they will come to you. But being their first choice does not constitute a sale.

Don't let your hottest prospects slip through the cracks—we can help you convert them into patients!


Don't underestimate the power of opinions.

Regardless of whether the communication happens in person, over the phone or online, people still rely on the opinions of others when it comes to choosing restaurants, movies, and yes, even orthodontists. This can be very beneficial for you when your patients sing your praises, but also very hurtful if a misunderstanding gets broadcast on social media without your knowledge.

Let the relationship management specialists at Ortho Sales Engine encourage your satisfied patients to share their stories and deal with any online negativity in a diplomatic, constructive manner.