Reputation Management

When it comes to orthodontics, reputation is everything.

We'll use your stellar reputation both online and in your community to turn prospects into new starts.
orthodontist reputation management
Public Relations

You're making a difference in your community, we can share your story with the media. PR is much less expensive and more effective than print advertising, and can do wonders for your brand.

Online Reviews

Reviews have a big impact on what doctor a person will choose. We can increase your number of positive reviews and help mitigate the bad ones. We ensure consistent effort and results.

Referral Programs

Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tactic. We create referral programs that engage your patients and get them excited about sharing your story with others.

Social Engagement

Your number of fans and likes on social media is not nearly as important as engagement. We respond to comments for you to keep your audience talking about you and sharing your brand.

Our clients are some of the most awarded orthodontists in their towns. We help tilt the odds in your favor, ethically, to increase the likelihood you will win local awards that matter to patients.

Community Outreach

We can help plan and coordinate your community outreach efforts. This makes the process easier for you, so you and your team have more time to participate in these rewarding events.