Search & Social Advertising

Your practice needs more than organic traffic to thrive.

Advertising that gets your practice in front of people who are likely to become your patients. We’ll create advanced online ad campaigns to reach your target market with a message that convinces them to schedule exams.
orthodontist online advertising
Google & PPC

Even if you aren't #1 on Google when potential patients go searching for a doctor, search engine marketing will make sure your practice still gets seen.

Effective ad campaigns on the most popular social networks in the world drive traffic to your site and help thousands of people interact with your brand.


Moms spend time here, and it’s not saturated with competitors, making it very cost effective. We can make this platform work for your practice.

Our complete marketing solution includes an in-house graphic design team familiar with and focused on our clients. So your ads will be designed specifically with you in mind.

Video converts better than still images or text. So we offer in-house post-production services. Send us raw footage, and we will create an ad that gets your audience engaged.

Display Ads

Graphic display ads appear on the websites your potential patients or patients' parents visit most. We'll include eye-catching digital imagery and motivating, clear calls to action.


Remind your audience that you are ready to help them get a better smile with retargeting display ads, shown after someone has visited your website or social page.


Ads are only effective if they reach the people who want what you are selling. We can identify ideal patients and create ads that will appeal to these targeted groups and individuals.

An advertisement is only as good as its result. We continuously monitor the analytics of every ad, make adjustments as needed, and tell you how each performed monthly.