Social Media for Orthodontists

Why Social Media Matters to Your Practice

Social media is so prevalent in our lives, it should come as no surprise that it needs to be part of your orthodontic marketing strategy. Not only does it give you another place to showcase your expertise, it also allows you to show a more personal side of your practice.

What should orthodontists share on social media?

As its name implies, social media content should be social. Posts that encourage dialogue between you and your followers give you a chance to connect with both current and potential patients. Sharing well-written blogs and links to pages on your website educates your audience and drives traffic to your site. Trivia questions or fun, made-up holiday graphics show the lighter side of your practice.

How often should you post on social media?

Social media networks have different optimal weekly post amounts. Twitter or Snapchat can be updated as often as a few times a day, while doing the same on Facebook or LinkedIn would most likely annoy your followers and connections. However often you decide to share updates, consistency is key. Start with a number of posts that you can easily do each week, then increase the amount if you feel you can handle more regularly.


We'll help you join the online conversation

People are talking on social media 24/7, and you need to do more than listen. We'll make your voice heard without you ever having to hit a comment, reply, or share button.

When people don’t have a personal recommendation, they look online. We’ll keep your reputation strong by requesting positive reviews and dealing with any misplaced negativity.

Social Listening

Reading and effectively responding to comments and direct messages is necessary, but time-consuming. That’s why we have social media specialists to do it for you.

Social Strategy

With a social media calendar based on proven strategy, our team ensures your followers are always being informed or entertained by your updated pages and feeds.


Likes and shares on your social media posts help spread the word about your practice. We encourage everyone who visits your page to interact with your posts and share them with others.

Custom images and videos made by our professional design team help your posts stand out and encourage readers to click the links to your landing pages, blogs, and website.

Ad Campaigns

We create and manage targeted, budget-friendly ad campaigns across all social media networks, introducing you to potential patients who may not have found you otherwise.