OrthoVoice Conference 2018

Ortho Sales Engine founders Rich Carnahan and Richie Guerzon will be presenting at the OrthoVoice conference at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, NV, February 24-25, 2018. 

OrthoVoice, produced by WildSmiles Braces, is an event that provides education to doctors who want to take action and grow their practice by utilizing progressive marketing techniques. Other speakers will include Dr. Amy Smith of Smith Orthodontics in Parkersburg, WV, Dr. Casey Warren of Warren Orthodontics in Springville, UT, Dr. Clarke Stevens, CEO and founder of WildSmiles, and Davin Bickford, COO of WildSmiles. 

Even if you are not currently a WildSmiles provider, this event is still an enriching experience and can help educate you on differentiating yourself with designer braces. 

Ortho Sales Engine will present key marketing tips to increase your practice’s growth, including how to create consumer buzz, gain more patients, and generate more revenue. They will also be stressing the importance of defining your brand and knowing your patient personas. 

The four main categories attendees will be asked to consider are vision, mission, values, and differentiation. These categories are instrumental to a practice because they cover what a doctor wants to achieve in the future, how they want to do that, guiding principles, and what makes a practice stand out from the rest. After explaining the purpose behind finding patient personas, the decision journey will be defined to help orthodontists visualize their patients’ mindset behind getting orthodontic work done and how to best encourage them to follow through with treatment at their practice. 

For more information on OrthoVoice and to register for the event, please visit www.wildsmilesbraces.com/orthovoice/.