Lead Conversion


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Let's turn those prospects into patients.

You have made people aware of your brand and set yourself apart from your competitors with engaging content that is useful and establishes you as an expert. If your audience ever decides they need orthodontic treatment, they will come to you. But being their first choice does not constitute a sale.

The lead conversion phase turns your strongest prospects into patients with frequent communication ranging from a “thanks for filling out our contact form” email to follow-up phone calls from your staff (after being trained by us) or our in-house sales team, all based on our daily analysis of what’s working and what’s not.

Email Marketing

Email marketing automation is the highly effective strategy of sending automatic emails to prospects and patients. It helps you to successfully engage your email list, build relationships and turn prospects into patients. When done well, automated email marketing becomes a money-making machine!

Advanced Workflows

Successful marketing automation relies on triggering relevant and timely actions based on context. These prewritten emails sent in response to a prospect’s action or inaction are called workflows. This phase is like fishing. If you try to reel in a prospect too fast, you’ll break the line (of communication), go too slow and they’ll squirm their way off your hook.

Analytics & Reporting

Marketing analytics is the process of measuring, analyzing and managing your marketing strategy’s performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize your return on investment (ROI). Gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing tactics. Our team will perform a daily review your metrics and insights to determine what is working and what requires an adjustment.

Database Segmentation

We’ve collected a lot of information. Now what? Data segmentation is the process of taking your data and categorizing it to be used more efficiently. Doing so will allow us to communicate a relevant and targeted message to each identified segment.

Sales Team Support

This is where OSE differs from other orthodontic marketing teams. What good are leads if you don’t know how to convert them into new patient starts? Our sales trainers will educate your staff on the dos and don’ts of warm lead follow-ups. Or you can have our experienced sales team make calls on your behalf.

For more info, read our post: 6 Reasons Why Phone Sales Training is Essential for Orthodontic Practices

Don't let your hottest prospects slip through the cracks—Ortho Sales Engine can help you convert them into patients!