Meet Our Team


Rich Carnahan

Rich is co-founder and Creative Director/Senior Graphic & Web Designer at Ortho Sales Engine.  During his career as a creative director and design lead, including owning two creative agencies of his own, Rich has gained experience in broadcast production, copywriting, website design, graphic design, marketing, and media consulting for start-up companies, dotcom businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and international corporations. His day-to-day responsibilities involve creative direction and design of print or web-related projects. Rich holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in advertising and marketing from Kent State University.

Richie Guerzon

Richie Guerzon is the co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine and serves as Director of Marketing Technology/Senior Marketing Strategist. He also hosts OrthoThrive, a web series and podcast for orthodontists. As a partner in two successful marketing firms and a black belt in Lean Six Sigma, he has worked with clients ranging from indie authors to Fortune 500 companies. Richie is currently the Director of Marketing Technology for Bliss, which provides over 100 free classes per month to the public. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the College of Charleston and is a former manager and data analyst with Boeing, South Carolina.

Mary Hall

Senior Content Strategist

Jackie Rupp

Social Media Manager

Lucy Gordon

Digital Marketing Analyst

Richard Almes

Video Producer

Jordan Whitney

Content Creator

Jennifer Cleaves

Content Creator

Katelyn Peters

Content Creator